What are the Different Types of Ice Machines Covered in Home Insurance?

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Almost every business in the food industry needs its own ice machine. Since there are various styles and configurations available in the market, it is significant for you, especially among business owners, to learn about ice cubes makers that are available and which one is suited to the nature of your business.


There are variations in every ice maker type, but the commercial ice making machines fall into these 3 styles:

Modular Ice machines

This style is commonly available in either 22in, 30in and 48in widths. It is designed to sit at the top of an ice machine dispenser, ice machine bin or soda dispenser. The output range of this machine can start from 250 pounds to more than a thousand pounds each day.

Under counter Ice Machines

Businesses that do not need as much ice like any other food service, the self-contained or under counter ice machine is all that they need. This style of ice machine combines a storage bin and ice machine, which fits most 40 inch high counters. The output of ice for this machine is about 350 pounds each day, though there are other models of this style that have higher capacity.

Countertop ice makers

This style is usually found in health care areas and may even come with its own water dispenser. It comes with a small bin, but is able to produce ice of up to 400 pounds each day. This makes it a great commercial ice maker for those that are just having a use of it at a minimal frequency. It usually dispenses ice in nugget style, making it easier for individuals to chew on them.

Ice Types

Though this may not be as important for others, many businesses in the food industry are concerned about the shape and size of the ice being produced. This is the section that will help you see the different types of ice that the ice making machine is able to produce.


This is the most common type and melts slower. It reduces the ice consumption rate on customers compared to any other types.

There are three variations of cube ice:

  • Regular, which is around 1 1/8 x 1 1/8 x 7/8 inches
  • Half, also referred to as half of full
  • Full, around 7/8 x 7/8 inches


Melting is slow; this is mostly seen in the health care department since it is easier and softer to chew on them compared to the cube type. This is also referred to as chewblet ice.

Nugget type ice makers are perfect for cold beverages, blended drinks and smoothies.


The flake ice making machines produce small and soft flakes that can rapidly mold and cool into any shape. This is used mainly in ice displays like salad bars, fish, meat and seafood. They are also commonly used in blended drinks.

Other information

You will learn more about the ice making machines once you get into the compressor types. You should ask the sales or any experts to guide you on this, but don’t forget to factor in your needs, too.