The Positive Effect of Riddles on Memory and Thinking

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When you consider the basics, you will discover that human life is dependent on problem-solving. This ranges from basic needs to providing food and shelter to more complex stages including financial management and career advancement; life seems to be a series of puzzles and riddles that we have to maneuver in order to fully enjoy life. Many people see puzzles and riddles as child’s play but the true fact is that these simple and tasking games are designed to train the brain to make it find solutions that are difficult to access. Another important lesson we learned from riddles is that the more we train our brains to look for solutions the better we become at resolving issues regardless of how big or small. For a terrific selection of free online riddles riddlesdb website is the best resource.

Riddles are categorized into two forms: enigmas which are problems expressed in allegorical or metaphorical language that require careful thinking and ingenuity for their solution as well as conundrums which are questions that rely on their effects on punning in either the answer or the question. Some people are easily disturbed about the riddles because it is quite difficult to find the answers compared to a basic math problem. For instance, in mathematics, when you sum up two numbers, you can easily get the answer. But, look at riddles in terms of algebra calculations. For instance, 2(y) + 2(x) may not equal 4. Riddles enable the brain to work optimally and stretch beyond automated responses and rote memory to challenge and improve our thinking ability. This is the reason many math teachers want to see your step-by-step calculations rather than just providing the answer.

Though many detractors find puzzles and riddles trivial but the true situation of things is that such brain training games explore new areas and potentials of thought processes and also sharpen the mind which can resort to better problem-solving procedures. Many of us prefer our answers to be plain and simple to avoid undergoing a rigorous process. We are already battling with numerous issues in our lives and the last thing an individual wants is the added hurdle of looking for ways to solve a riddle. But if you make it a daily routine to practice riddles and problem-solving questions, you will be amazed at the result as you will be able to think faster, retrieve information quickly and enhance your cognitive abilities. Whenever these skills are integrated with a fit and healthy mind, it results in an improved lifestyle.

You should never consider riddles and puzzles as frustrating and confusing hurdles. When you have that kind of mentality, you have already lost hope. Rather I will advise that you look at brain training games as a way to develop new strategies and to structure your thoughts and mentality to solving a problem that can be beneficial for your daily life. The reason why man is progressing is due to the problem-solving skills he has developed over time. If we failed to improve our thinking ability and stayed with our animal instincts and mentality, there is a probability that we will still be in cages living with apes. Brain training is an excellent skill that can make your brain to function properly.