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Located in District 3 along the Outram Road, One Pearl Bank is a horse-shoe shaped condo development; consisting of two towers, with 39 floors and 774 condo units. The towers are connected with a sky bridge giving a spectacular view of the Pearl Hill, Central Business District, Sentosa, and other city parks.

The site is filled with around 500 trees and plants, covering about 75% of the area. With Outram MRT station situated nearby the condo, the residents would easily travel to and from the city. Other means of traveling include bus interchanges and expressways for those who want to commute with their cars. The One Pearl Bank Developer, Capitaland has done quite a job in transforming the condo area and its units. Many floors have been added and the units’ space has been expanded. The units range from studio apartments to large penthouses depending on the number of rooms.

With essential as well as luxurious facilities just around the corner, it will feel like a paradise. Inside the site, a well-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, a roof garden with dining settings are available for the residents to relax and enjoy their leisure time with their families.

What to expect in a showflat of One Pearl Bank?

The showflat viewing has been opened from February 2019. You can register at the showflat hotline of One Pearl Bank or contact them via phone or email and get an appointment date for viewing the showflat. When visiting a showflat, there are some things that you must pay special attention to.

Doors and Removable walls – the doors of the condos are intact, smooth and made of strong wood. The showflats depict an almost exact replica of the condos. They are of high quality and are able to block sound to some extent. Where there might be walls in the condos, showflats have tapes on the floor to represent the walls. So, you can check with the floor plans if you want to remove a wall, and if it’s possible or not.

Lighting – The showflats are lit in artificial ways to provide a better view. But it does not mean that the condos would not have natural light coming. The windows are built in such an optimum direction that natural sunlight makes its way into the unit but not so much that it will be scorching hot.

Location of power sockets – Although the power sockets are placed at favorable locations if you want you can add more of them in the actual condo units. The showflat gives you an idea of the condo and its whole setup. If you have some appliances that you want to place somewhere specific, you can install a power socket in the future or before you move in.

Pay attention to small details – Before finalizing the deal, make sure that you look into every small detail of the showflat and talk to the sales team or the manager about any doubts you have. They have a better idea of the condo units and they will give you more information about it. Even a small detail can make a difference in your decision to purchase the unit or not.