How Piermont Grand Is Different From Living In A Busy City?

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At present, there are many investors in Singapore who have great plans in making an investment in Piermont Grand. These condominiums are located at the outskirts of a busy city and are surrounded by plenty of greenery. Expert builders have taken a great initiative to provide a healthy environment to its residents so that they can stay away from several physical and mental ailments. The township is also away from industries and manufacturing units which provide genuine tranquility to a resident.

What are the different amenities which you will cash in?

Green belt

For condominiums of Punggol district, builders have great plans and they are planning to make great Heritage Trail which provides a great boon for residents. Alongside the heritage trail, you can easily find beautiful parks and trees which provide awning to pedestrians during their daily evening walks and to and fro commute from work office. This trail will further provide great aid to the residents to spend some quality time with their loved ones on weekends.

Heritage Trail of Piermont Township will be around 1.3 kilometers in length that will connect the waterway park and point waterfront with each other. This trail will also provide you a great opportunity for jogging during early morning and you will also intake natural air which is great for health.

Yoga centers and gymnasiums

In the township, you will also get a facility of yoga studios where you can meditate in complete tranquility. Furthermore, the yoga centers of Piermont Township have great experts who will make you and your children learn several asanas which are very beneficial for mind, body, and soul. Through Yoga centers, you can also make your body fit and help you to get away from obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

If you are an advocate of bodybuilding then Piermont also has quality gymnasiums where you will be able to get various exercising machines. The trainers of these gyms are well certified thus they will provide you great guidance while achieving your goal within a time frame.

Punggol Town hub

It is considered one of its kind facility where you will be able to get proper healthcare facility and a hawker center. The total area of this facility will be around 42,000 square meters, and it will be located right next to the iconic Waterway Point of the Township. Thus, you will have plenty of places to visit during your evening and that too without the use of any public transport. From here you can also visit the sports center which is only a couple of blocks away from the Town Hub.

Final words

Buying a condominium in Piermont is very effective as you will get an opportunity to live in a fresh environment. Moreover, builders are planning to add several other attractions in the Township which will increase the resale value of condominium and increase your property value. Since you will get many entertaining places inside the Township, at a walking distance, thus it will also save your time and money. Buying a condominium in this Township is a great prospect for an investor.