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Louis Vuitton purse (or handbag) is considered a reputable international brand handbag. They were authorized to open the first Vuitton store in the mid -19th century.  After undergoing this transformation process, the popularity of the brand soared among the customers. Many people were also trying to buy Louis Vuitton cheap due to its professional and well-designed handcraft.

The manufacturers prefer to produce the handbags in limited quantities. If you notice a huge inventory of similar products in a store, then there is a high probability that most of them are counterfeit products.

Well, there are some features to consider before buying the Vuitton purses; you must keep in mind that the handles are never enclosed in bubble wrap. If you discover that the handles are enclosed in bubble or plastic wrap, it is a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag.

Louis Vuitton purse is quite expensive. If the retailer offers the handbag at a low price rate, you should look for more viable options.

The Vuitton purses are usually incorporated with a serial number as well as a date code. Some counterfeit products usually come with a serial number coupled with the incorporation of a model number. If the handbag comes with the word model number, it is a counterfeit product which implies that you should look for another alternative. The date code is represented by 4 digits. The first two digits are used to represent the manufacturing year while the last two digits depict the manufacturing date.