Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Vlogging cameras have features similar to your usual cameras. Nevertheless, since you may need to travel more often, you are looking to purchase something that is portable and can be easily carried. With enough hardware to enable you to record quality videos, as well as take quality pictures if you prefer that. If you’re looking for cameras that YouTubers use, here are some essential features to look for in a vlogging camera for YouTube.

Video Quality
Considering how you intend to shoot vlogs in respect of the time spent with the camera you intend to buy, you need to ensure that the video quality is the most important factor you consider when acquiring a vlogging camera.

Numerous factors make a vlogging camera for YouTube abundant in the shooting department such as:

  • Processor
  • Sensor Size
  • Aperture Size
  • Megapixel

So, it is wise that whatever vlogging camera you purchase has fantastic video quality because you will have to shoot the videos with your camera.

The basic resolution is 1080p. Nevertheless, several vlogging cameras available on the marketplace shoot at 4K too, the essential fact you should understand is that 4K means that the video is of larger capacity which translates to better video quality.

The weight of the Camera
It is a general fact that the best camera is the one that is in your possession, and considering that fact, if a camera is not handy to carry around comfortably, then I suggest that you shouldn’t opt for it. Compared to other cameras, the DSLRs have a larger capacity due to the hardware embedded in the device.

For mirrorless cameras, they are smaller since there is no genuine mirror present in them and the shoot and point cameras are even smaller and movable. With all that analysis, I strongly recommend that you opt for a point and shoot since a good number of them are best suited to shoot 1080p videos without limiting the quality.

Mirrorless cameras come at a higher price rate, but if you have the financial capability to purchase them, then they also make up an excellent option and that is why we encourage our readers to opt for the Panasonic Lumix G7. The features of this device include; a mirrorless camera which offers 4K (Ultra-High-Definition) video recording.

Finally, if you are comfortable with carrying DSLR around with you during your journey, you can also opt for a DSLR which comes at a lesser price rate compared to the mirrorless camera.

Many people are of the opinion that a good lens is not needed for vlogging because it is solely used for shooting video, and people won’t really pay close attention to the video. I do not agree to such opinion; if you have come across some of the vlogs created by professional and skillful bloggers, you will notice that their video quality is consistent.

Now, that is the reason why you should go for a good lens, while most vlogging cameras come with lenses already if you really want to make sure that you are the center of attraction in the entire video, then I suggest that you invest in a telephoto lens.

The telephoto lens incorporates an optical zoom, obscuring the remaining background. You are advised to follow this guide carefully to fully exploit the potential of your camera.