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Are you shopping for the Best Pickleball Paddles to boost your game and take it to the next level? If your answer is yes, then this article is specifically made for you. Because here we’re going to give you the best pickleball paddle reviews by listing some of the best Pickleball paddles in the market.

The Pickleball equipment highlighted below will provide excellent spin and they come at a cheaper price rate compared to other products made with the same features. If you are new to the game and want to choose a great paddle then there are numerous varieties from which you can choose the best one that suits you. You can make your selection depending on your budget and choice. In this article, we are poised to making things easy for you to make an informed decision.

Paddletek Tempest Wave
In my opinion, I believe that the Paddletek Tempest Wave comes with numerous features that can propel you to win more games. First, the paddle has the capability to put away winners. This is due to the incorporation of the graphite face and also because it is a middleweight material (about 7.6 oz.) it can make you more aggressive and strike the ball with incredible power and at the same time, you can still move the ball with ease. I assure you that every power shots are fast, accurate and really hard. Although the graphite face can deliver enough spin, it doesn’t create loads of spins like a fiberglass face.

Second, if you are a “soft” or “gentle” player, the Tempest Wave is best for you. Do you love dinking? The Paddletek Tempest Wave paddle is fantastic at the net. It comes with a polymer core that gives excellent finesse and control. The polymer core also integrates fantastically well with the graphite face. And what is the end result? A paddle with magnificent power for aggressive play, the control and finesses required for the soft game available at your disposal. The Tempest Wave provides you with these benefits and features. That is why I describe it as a masterpiece!

Gamma Voltage

2.0This is the modern version of the widely held Gamma Voltage. The Voltage 2.0 now features a padded textured hitting surface that delivers a new honeycomb grip and more spin for maximum utilization and comfort. The paddle is best suited for the professional players who love to compete with others. When handled, the paddle seems as if it is an extension of your arm.

For beginners, they can use it as either their first or second paddle. With that, it will help them to learn the needed techniques quickly and the paddle can become more accustomed to you as you progress. The rough textured surface delivers great spin shots. In addition, the paddle delivers more power thereby making your shots sharper.

With its 7.6 oz. weight, dinking can be perfected but it may take longer times before some players master it. The paddle features a big sweet spot and delivers more power to make your shots sharper and faster.

The Gamma Voltage 2.0 has an excellent balance of touch, control, and power. The true fact is that it is one of the best paddles irrespective of your game type. It can propel your game to the next level.