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According to the information gotten from one website that shares Nigeria University, Polytechnic, College Admission and Scholarship News, SPDC (Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria) has announced the 7th annual SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme that requires applicants from the following state; Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers and Imo. The primary objective if the Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is to make provision for an opportunity for the eligible candidates for the states mentioned earlier to further their studies in courses that will be of benefit to the Oil and Gas industry at large.

The scheme is on its sixth run and about to hit its seventh, so far 60 students have been offered this opportunity to further their studies at top rated universities in the United Kingdom, via an all-expense paid scholarship program.

SPDC in partnership with three top universities in the United Kingdom – the University of Leeds, The Imperial College London, and the University College – will award ten distinct students around the country a one-year postgraduate MSc Scholarship, for the academic year commencing September 2017.

These courses below qualify for the award of the Postgraduate scholarship at the three institutions mentioned earlier

University College London

  • MSc CIVIL ENGINEERING (Geotechnics)
  • MSc MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (Metallurgy or Rotating Equipment)

Imperial College London


University Of Leeds


Application Process

  • Ensure that your application is submitted for admission to any of the prospective universities for any of the qualifying courses.
  • The application for the scholarship scheme will be made available on the website of the participating institution, followed by the admission offer by the university.
  • The University is in charge of the application processing and the selection of candidates for interviews before any candidate is considered for the final selection for admission.
  • The completed application form for the scholarship should be submitted to the university of your choice on or before 30th January 2017

The scholarship with cover one return flight ticket to the UK from Nigeria, a contribution made towards your living expenses and your tuition fees.

If you want to get more information on the admission requirement on each of the course, you can consult the Nigeria University, Polytechnic, Colleges Admission and Scholarship News website.